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Saturday, January 23, 2010

FIAR Lapbook All Those Secrets of The World

I'm way behind on my lapbook posts so I'll just do some serial posts to catch up. ;)
I put this little lapbook together for the K/1 students while the older kids are doing Tapestry of Grace (Y4). There are 6 kids in the class, and our co-op meets for 2 hours once a week so the lapbooks need to fairly simple - but still fun, of course.
So here we have a lapbook for All Those Secrets Of The World, by Jane Yolen. The cover is a Navy battleship since the father of the little girl in the story heads off to WWII on a Navy ship from Norfolk.

We talked about the blessing of immediate and extended family. The little girl, her mom and younger siblings all go to live with the grandparents while the father is at war. The kids drew a picture of their immediate family.
Below that is a pocket with 4 animals you'll find in the Chesapeake Bay.

The kids cut and pasted the symbols of Virginia for this booklet.

Below that is a picture of a farm with pockets labeled 'grow' and 'buy.' We talked about victory gardens and then sorted pictures of food into the pockets.

If you're a fan of Jane Yolen, check back to see our lapbook for Owl Moon.

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Amber Cox said...

Great lapbook! Are you sharing it for others' use?


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