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Monday, January 25, 2010

TOS Review Keyboarding for the Christian School

I vaguely remember typing class in high school, but I definitely don't remember any guys in the class. There was a time when typing wasn't considered an essential skill for a young man headed into the work force or off to college. Times have certainly changed and even elementary-aged kids are learning to 3 y/o has a video game that is operated by a qwerty keyboard and mouse!

There also seemed to have been a lot of drills involving a red fox and a brown dog jumping over a log or running somewhere quickly. Not very meaningful or exciting.

Enter Leanne Beitel, author of Keyboarding for the Christian School. As a private school teacher, she saw a need for a curriculum that taught not only touch typing, the format for MLA and APA reports, and other skills, but also included Bible-based examples to type. Not finding such a curriculum, she wrote one herself.

Many of us use Bible-based copy work programs for our younger children. Why wouldn't we want to continue having our older children learn to type in a similar manner?

She has created a number of products all available in e-book form, including:
* Keyboarding for the Christian School (grades 6-up), $15.95
* Keyboarding Lesson Plans (to be used in conjunction with Keyboarding for the Christian School), $9.95
* Keyboarding for the Christian School- Elementary Version (grades K-5), $12.95

I had Jake give this a whirl, and he enjoyed using it. He found the directions clear and easy to follow. We loaded the .PDF file onto my laptop and then put the laptop on his desk so we didn't have to print any of the lessons. He just scrolled down as he completed each lesson. He is now a reformed hunt-and-peck typer. Mission accomplished. :)

If you order before February 28, 2010, you can take advantage of a couple of specials Leanne has running:
Need a Coupon to start the year right? Type NewYear5 in the Discount Code section for $5 off of your purchase of $12.95 or more available until February 28, 2010!2010 NEW YEAR SPECIAL: Purchase both the Keyboarding for the Christian School, Revised Edition and the Elementary Edition for only $22! Yes, this is a big savings! So, purchase your e-books now for only $22 for both typing books!

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*I received this product for free so that I may use it and offer my opinion of it. No other compensation was made.

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