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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

TOS Review ACT, Inc Discover

You've probably heard of the ACT, an assessment test used by many colleges and universities as part of their admissions process. But did you know that they have several tools designed to help students evaluate their gifts and inclinations before reaching college?

As part of the TOS Crew Jake and I had the opportunity to use ACT, Discover. This is an online program to help your student gain insight into potential college majors or careers they may want to consider.

Use DISCOVER to plan for your future.
  • Learn more about yourself by assessing your interests, abilities, and values
  • Explore over 555 occupations Learn about majors and programs of study
  • Search through career/technical, 2 and 4 year schools, and graduate and professional programs
  • Develop a resume and cover letter
  • Store all of your results in our online portfolio
  • Anytime, anywhere access via the Internet
Jake is a senior this year and isn't sure of what he wants to do next year. He's leaning towards 2-year college or the military right now. He began by completing a series of inventories - interest, abilities and values.

The results weren't surprising. The suggested Career Areas ranged from Natural Science and Technologies to Medical Technologies. The most amusing was Creative and Performing Arts. I shared with Jake my vision of him in tights leaping around a stage. He didn't see that in his future at all. :)

You can then navigate through the different Career Areas to see specific careers and save them to your online portfolio. You can even narrow the careers by education level so if you know that you don't want to attend a 4-year college or graduate school, you can eliminate from your results the careers that require that level of education.

After considering your career choices, you can then look more closely at possible college majors. Let's look closer at Jake's interest in 'working outside' or Agriculture, Forestry and Related fields. The list of majors ranges from Agribusiness Operations to International Agricultural to Wildlife and Wildlands Managment.

ACT then provides
  • a brief description of the major, interests and abilities you should possess to be successful in the that major - You should be a logical thinker who can work well, either alone or with others
  • possible college classes you could take if that was your major - Introduction to Agricultural Economics
  • high school classes you could take to better prepare - Applied or business math
  • colleges that offer that major - Florida A&M- and;
  • a list of related occupations and majors as well - Farm/Home Mgmt Advisor

Honestly the amount of information they provide is mind blowing. This takes you from a bird's eye view of career planning and narrows it to microscopic detail.

I haven't even touched on the Job Search Tools they offer such resumes, cover letters, and interview tips or the section on scholarships and federal aid.

This is an incredibly powerful product, and I recommend it if your child (like most) is unsure of career path to consider.

ACT Discover is reasonably priced for $19.95 for a 3 month subscription or $24.95 for a 6 month subscription.

You can click here to purchase ACT Discover.

You can click here to read what other TOS Crew members have to say.

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