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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Learning About Jazz Music

We're doing Year 4 of Tapestry of Grace which is modern history- 1900 to Present. A lot of the history is not kid friendly, BUT there are some fun events in there for the younger kids to learn about.

One of those events is the rising popularity of jazz music and the contributions of Louis Armstrong. And it just so happens that we have a bona fide jazz musician on the worship team of our church. And we used to be in the same care group. A couple of emails and a phone call and a jazz concert was scheduled for our Wednesday morning class.

We started out talking about how Jazz is often called the only art form to originate in the US and how it has influenced modern music today. We also talked about how it's fun to be entertained by music, but we need to be cautious about the lyrics. So while a tune might be catchy, if the words aren't edifying, we need to pass on it.

Next we read a story about Louis Armstrong as a boy and then a story about a little girl who learned to scat. We loved this very fun book. Between stories we listened to different jazz music and talked about the instruments we heard. We also listened to Ella Fitzgerald scat. Man, she was good!

The two other classes joined us upstairs, and Mr N showed us the instruments he brought and played some for us.
He even had the kids take turns scatting. That was really cute. Some of the kids were very shy and embarrassed while others rocked the house. It was very fun!

Then we asked Mr N to play music at different tempos while the kids painted with watercolors. It was interesting to see how they painted with different strokes and colors as the music changed.

Another fun day at co-op! :)

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