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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Swim Time

We started out with just 2 life vests because Hank is a little picky (ok, a lot picky) about what he'll wear. I was sure he wouldn't be willing to run around with one on. But with 3 littles who can't swim, in a tidal river, I needed something that would give me a few extra seconds to get to them all should something happen so I bought 2 vests, 1 for Ella and 1 for Shane.

Aunt Ann, Cassandra and Joe were also down for a visit and Aunt Ann knows how to drive Aunt Sally's little motor boat. She offered a ride, the kids thought it would be great, and Hank had to wear a life vest so we borrowed one from the stash at the big house.

I guess between that and the little play ones at the maritime museum, Hank decided they weren't half bad and wore the borrowed vest the rest of the time we were there. Of course it didn't hurt that the borrowed one was blue which happens to be his favorite color.

Little Miss making a sand cake. Yum!There are little minnow looking fish that come up in the waves and hang out in the shallow water. If you sit still, they'll nibble your toes. Shane didn't like the nibbling but he wanted to catch those fish and spent a lot of time trying. It was like Godzilla picking daisies. He would crash through the water with his bucket or push his bucket into the water really fast and scare the fish away. I guess he didn't understand why they weren't holding still for him.
At one point a big boat went by creating large waves. One bowled Shane over and he fell face first into the water. He couldn't get his big head up so he was bobbing head first until we picked him (within a second or two). I realized I hadn't shown them how to roll onto their backs and put their arms out to float should they fall overboard or lose their feet. Ella totally got it and could do it consistently. The boys....they weren't going for it.

Little swimmers. Ella would probably be able to swim in pool. She was on her tummy kicking her feet and paddling her hands.

Here fishy fishy!

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