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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Paddle paddle

Three aunts have kayaks they keep down there and we were hoping to take the littles up river for a ride.

That same day the Coast Guard decided to park at the restaurant across the river. I'm not up on maritime law...I thought we *might* get away with 1 big person and 1 little person in a kayak, but we'd probably merit a visit from them with 1 big and 2 littles in a kayak so I didn't risk it.

Instead we took them for little rides within our dock area. They really enjoyed. Shane most of all. Hopefully next time we're down Daddy will be with us so he can go for a ride upriver.

Jake took each little one for a short ride so I could take pictures.

If you click on the picture below to enlarge it, look from the end of the pier out to the right and slightly up to see the buoy. An osprey has a nest with at least one baby there. When we were out with Ann we went by it and the osprey started circling us. We saw a baby peek over the edge of the nest which was really cool.

After Jake gave all the littles a ride, he paddled out to see the nest. The osprey circled him too. It looked like she might swoop down on him a couple of times. He would have been a pretty big fish for her to carry so I guess he would have been ok.
After all that, Shane still wanted to ride in the kayak so I stood in the water and pushed him back and forth.
Ella is little but really strong. She got that kayak up on the beach by herself. I was impressed.

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