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Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Munga Bunga! Kunga Bunga!

When Hank and Ella first put on their new suits to model them for us, they jumped into the living room shouting Munga Bunga, Dude! We started laughing and told them it's Cowa Bunga, Dude. So they started shouting Kunga Bunga, Dude! To this day, they still say one of those two phrases instead of cowa bunga. So funny

A couple of days before we got to BI, there was a storm with some high winds. The winds didn't bring Mary Poppins (oh how I wish!) but they did bring some beach toys like this boogie board.

Hank was yelling Kunga Bunga! while surfing on the beach. :)
I asked him if those were his legs or was he riding a chicken. "I'm a chicken rider! Yee haw!!" Oh my...
Ella didn't get the whole bend your knees thing. Do princess surf?
It took a bit of coaching but she finally got it.

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