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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Continuing on...

I am so far behind it's scary, but my primary reason for blogging is to capture the memories. Here are the rest of the pictures from our Broomes Island trip last month.

As usual, they're out of order so bear with me...

The boys playing on the second beach we found at Jefferson Patterson Park. There were *tons* of dead little crabs along this beach. We stopped at the Visitor's Center on our way out to see if they knew why. They said it could be any number of things but that they would check with the rangers to see.
That's my size 8 next to this dead Horseshoe crab. Since it's so big, it was probably a female (learned that at the Maritime Museum we visited earlier in the week)
Jeff Pat is also an archeological (can you hear me sounding that out and typing real sloooow) research center so they have a bunch of big buildings on the site. One of them sports this big chimney where an Osprey built her nest. We parked just across from it so after our beach adventure, we got our bird stuff and watched her for a while.

More beachy fun

Muscle Beach here Hank comes!
I don't know if Shane is eating sand or just lying there.

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