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Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Look who's a big 2 year old

We celebrated Aunt Honey's 29th birthday along with Shane and Jennifer who turned 2. It was so cute watching the littles blow out their candles. Shane learned long ago to hold up his hand - like "stop" - and say "ot!" for hot. So he kept holding up his hand, blocking his way to blow out the candle, and saying "ot!" really loudly. Silly kid.

He has such a zest for life. He approaches everything from getting dressed to playing with a head first, full speed ahead attitude, usually laughing hysterically.

His joy is infectious as he shouts "Hi!" and then "Bye!" to passersby in the grocery store, parking lot, library (shhh!), and even driving down the road (I don't think he realizes they can't hear him.).

He reminds me of my grandpa, he knows no strangers. Every person is a possibility for an exciting conversation (well, Shane is still learning to talk but he enjoys babbling with people at length). He is such a joy and we can't imagine how boring our lives would be without our littlest guy. Happy birthday butterbuns! We love you! (smooch!)

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