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Thursday, February 28, 2008

New chompers for the boy

Today was another milestone day for Shane. He got shiny new chompers!

He was late getting his teeth in, but they came in looking normal. A few months later I noticed his upper front teeth were bumpy so I took him to the dentist. They told me he had pitting in his enamel. How cool. Not

So that of course made him more susceptible to decay. My littles are fanatical about brushing their teeth. If we get home late and I try to send them to bed without brushing, I have to promise we'll brush first thing in the morning, or I have a riot on my hands.

When I saw Shane had brown spots on his teeth I thought it was staining from his vitamins. Aunt Cindy used to be a dental hygienist and she sadly informed me it was decay so off to the dentist we go. ALL of his teeth had some decay on them. ALL of them. I seriously wanted to cry.

The major culprit is his nighttime bottle habit. Yea, yea I hear ya, but the kid has awful reflux. It was so bad, he used to vomit in his sleep. He wakes up with a burning throat so I keep a bottle on the nightstand, but no I don't brush his teeth after each feeding. (yes, we're working on filling that bottle with water instead of watered-down hemp milk).

So between his bottle, reflux and just plain ol' bad teeth, the kid was doomed and so was our check book. Even with dental insurance, we're going to be choosing between rice and beans or beans and rice for dinner this month. At least rice and beans are gluten, dairy and corn free! ha! ha!

So here's my little man with his pearly whites that are actually white!
We're working on getting him to sit still for his glamour shots.

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