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Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Icicles are dangerous

This story from Reuters reminds me of the time my brother came home with a broken windshield on his truck and told my parents an icicle fell and hit him as he drove under an overpass. They believed him. I did not. In fact I'm pretty sure I laughed at his ridiculous story.

But apparently in Russia, icicles are a real threat -
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Six people have been killed in three days by icicles falling from buildings in a central Russian region, ITAR-TASS news agency reported Tuesday.
Plummeting chunks of ice is an annual hazard for pedestrians in Russia during the spring when the sun finally melts thick layers of ice and snow which build up on roofs over months of freezing temperatures and darkness.
Medical authorities in the region of Samara told ITAR-TASS that five people died in the city of Samara and another person died in the nearby town of Otradny between February 23 and February 25.
(Writing by James Kilner; Editing by Mat
thew Jones)

I had no idea the spring thaw could be so hazardous, and it's just one more reason for me to stay toasty warm inside until the mercury hits the 80's.

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Anonymous said...

So, do you now believe your brother's story??


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