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Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, July 13, 2007

A knight and his princess

This morning we met our friends at the park for some serious run-like-wild-animals playtime. Then we had the pleasure of a 45 minute wait at the cable place to turn in our box, followed by a trip to the market for Shane's special milk. Blessedly, Shane slept the whole way home and was still snoring when I pulled into the drive.

I sent the Jake, Hank and Ella inside while I sat with my sleeping munchkin.

After about 15 minutes, Ella and Hank came charging outside with Hank declaring that he was a knight; Ella was his princess, and they were on their way to defend their castle.

It's hard to see but she has her tiarra on the front of her cowboy hat. In the second picture you can see she has on a skirt under her dress. I guess she couldn't decide what to wear while fighting for her castle.

1 comment:

Val said...

Looks like our kids have a common theme these days. :o) Very cute to see Ella's combination!!


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