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Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, July 16, 2007

We met Maisy!!

Today was a special day. Maisy visited our local library. We spent days preparing for the big event. We read all our Maisy books, borrowed some of her books from the library last week, talked about whether or not we would shake her hand or hug her.

Ella and Hank woke up talking about meeting Maisy today. Once at the library Hank started getting "nerbus" about it. He and Ella tried to sit behind the stroller and peek out. He asked Ella if she thought Maisy might be a mean mouse.

Maisy arrived and Shane tried to jump out of the stroller to meet her. Ella stood in line with the other kids and *very* cautiously checked her out before agreeing to a hug. Hank peeked out from behind the stroller.

After Maisy left, the librarian brought out a stack of Maisy books for the kids to read. Hank all but tackled her so he could read about his "faborit" mouse.

I have to say this visit went much better than the Pooh Bear visit a few weeks ago. Both Ella and Hank were all too happy to stay waaaay back and just watch Pooh. There would be no handshaking or hugging thank-you-very-much. All in all, a successful visit to the library.

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