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Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Putting up the lights

We do this every year and we still can't agree which trees and bushes should have lights. Should we put them on the house? How about the really big evergreen next to the house. The fence, too? It gets complicated so we get tired and do just a few bushes here and there.

This year we have one of Santa's elves in our house. Hank is the official celebration planner. Everyone's birthday needs streamers and balloons (lots!) all over the house. And cake, we must bake and decorate "the most beautiful cake ever" for each celebration.

Jesus' birthday deserves no less. So far he is content with have a lot of lights outside. We also have them framing the kitchen ceiling. Oh yea, in his and Jake's room, too. I think those will do until we get our tree.

We've had some gorgeous weather so we spent last Saturday doing the outside lights. I realized Jake isn't in any of the pictures. It's probably because he spent most of the day running up and down the basement stairs looking for extension cords.

Hank wanted to climb the ladder so he could help daddy on the roof. Ella was content to draw on the porch with chalk, and Shane got to hang out and watch it all.

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