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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Big Party

Bill's family is big, and they all love Ella- and really, how can they help it. :) They all made the trek to western Maryland to eat cake and sing with a little pip who is really a mermaid. Just ask her.

Dee Dee (what the kids call Bill's mom), fresh from a month in the Keys, even made Ella an incredible mermaid cake complete with water and swimming fish.

Just a few hours before everyone was set to arrive, we realized our little mermaid had a fever. We dosed her with cough medicine and Motrin and put her in bed. After a 3 hour nap she was a little glassy-eyed but ready to party. This is love...everyone bravely had a piece of cake after she blew out the candles. Hopefully, we didn't start an epidemic.

After years of having just boys to buy for they enjoyed showering Ella with all sorts of princess gear, and she was all too happy to model it for them. Then they all had a great time laughing at Bill as they imagined what Ella's wedding will be like (of course they don't realize Daddy's Girl will not be allowed to get married because there surely isn't a boy in the world worthy of her love, but that's another story).
Here are a few pictures of the festivities. If it prompts you for a password, send me an email.

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