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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bridging from Cub to Boy Scouts

sniff, sniff, my baby is growing up. He bridged from Cub Scouts into our local Boy Scout Troop. It's not too huge a change for him though since the scoutmaster is the wife of his track/cross country coach. We've known her for several years and it's a great group of boys. He's just excited for more opportunities to camp, hike and fish.

 They had a nice little ceremony where they received their neckerchief and shoulder loops.

Then they put my baby in a canoe and paddled him, in the dark (!!), across the pond to signify the transition from Cubs to Boys. He thought it was SaWeet! and really enjoyed it.

Then they stood around the new Boy Scouts and recited the Boy Scout Law and talked about what each point meant.
 He's excited! Their first campout is coming up soon and they have lots of fun things planned. Of course we've already marked our calendar for summer camp. But I'm not sure who's more excited about that...Hank or Bill!

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