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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Soccer mommy copes with summer

A friend of mine who doesn't homeschool her kids commented on how each summer her kids drive her nuts*. She wondered how I managed never getting a break so I told her my secret....

I find as many free or low cost vacation Bible schools and camps as I can. And then I drop off my little cherubs and enjoy my 1 or 2 hours of freedom.

This week was 4 days of Soccer and Bible Camp. Such a cool idea. The kids play soccer for a bit. Then they eat snack and have a Bible lesson and then back to soccer.

I figured it would be know, just the kick the ball around, play some non-competitive games and head home.

These folks were pretty hard core. I think soccer 'clinic' might better describe it. The older kids were divided into teams and they played a week long "World Cup Tournament." It was really fun to watch them play and makes me wonder if we should add soccer to list of extracurricular activities ('cause we have so much spare time, ya know!)

Mr Cuteness doing his thing

It was more of a social exercise for Ella, who prefers not to sweat

Hank really, really enjoyed himself and plays pretty well to boot

And I would be such a bad wife if I didn't wish BILL a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And all my French friends a very happy Bastille Day!

Vive la Bill and vive la France!

*Of course she loves her children, and I love mine, but we all need to recharge from time to time, right?

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