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Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, July 13, 2012

Broomes Island Rewind

Gah! I need a personal assistant so I can keep up with myself. Busy, busy. Fun stuff...just LOTS of fun stuff!

There was space in the 'big house' so we headed to Broomes Island for an unscheduled second week. It was hotter than heck and the sea nettles (jelly fish, ouch!) were bad so we couldn't swim much. Now worries though. We fished and kayaked and used Bill's aunt and uncle's pool pass.

Shovels make great oars.
idea credit to Aunt Annmarie

Just a sampling of cousins

Rednecks + Explosives = this case, anyway. it often = ER visit though!

Fishing on the jetty with Uncle Mark. Hank snagged a stingray which broke his line. Totally freaked him out. They caught tons of fish...maybe because the storms pushed them up river or closer the riverbanks?

They went night fishing with Uncle Hervey and caught just a crab and a couple of oysters. Better luck next time!

We spent a lot of time rocking on the porch watching the river roll by.

I managed to squeeze in a few super sweaty runs. I forget the distances and haven't had time to upload my Garmin data. gasp!

Slowly catching up!

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