You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Plan

Tomorrow is the big day!  After some crazy rain and wind last night, today is gorgeous and tomorrow is supposed to be equally nice... low 60's at the start and low 70's by the time I hope to finish.

The trails may still be really muddy which will just add to the fun.

When I registered I estimated my finish at 2:20 and they'll start us in waves based on our predictions. After thinking about it more, I'm going to start in a slower wave.

I'm torn about carrying my phone so I can take pictures along the way. If I take my phone I have to wear a pack since it doesn't fit in my handheld. Decisions, decisions.

Bill is still unsure if he's coming and bringing the kids. We have some logistical challenges and would have to drive 2 cars if they come. The kids race looks like a lot of fun so I hope they do, but it really isn't practical.

So the big plan for tomorrow is to Start Slow and Ease Up From There.

I just want to enjoy the experience and have a great time!

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