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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wilderness Wednesday [on Thurs]

Yesterday was Wellness Wednesday at Shepherd so we headed over for some pool time after lunch. The boys were in a funk and Ella forgot her swim bottoms so we stayed for just a couple of hours before spending the rest of the day running errands. Not very exciting.

Today however, Shane woke up early [for him] and wanted to 'go climb the mountain.' It's the end of the schoolyear, and frankly we'd all rather be doing anything but school right now so being the diligent and responsible mom that I am, I said, "You got it, baby!" And off we went.

It became a science field trip because we had to stop and look at every bug and leaf as well as look for every bird we heard.  We made it to the top and found that someone was tent camping. Hardy souls, I tell you. There isn't much rock-free ground up there so I can't imagine they slept well...which might explain why they were still asleep at 8:30.

I felt bad because I know we were kinda loud. Shane kept meandering closer to the edge, which makes me nervous and crazy so I kept fussing at him to scoot back. We took some pictures, pointed out different friends' houses and headed back.

After that I figured since we were half way to Harpers Ferry, we might as well walk around down there so I could check out the elevation on a couple of hills for my half next month. Ella wanted to go home and do school - read - the princess had enough of the outdoors and wanted to be inside. I dropped off her and Jake, got the stroller and off we went for our next adventure.

Some of the hills I get to run in a couple of weeks. No biggie, eh?

We parked outside of old town and walked the .2 miles to the historic area. As we were walking a fleet of school busses went by. Thankfully where we were going was beyond old town so we didn't have to contend with the hoards of spring-crazed kids who have been cooped up all year.

Hank wants to run the 4 mile option of the half I'm doing, but he was definitely nervous about the hills. I don't think the shorter course covers the same hills, but we'll have to double check that.  I pushed my 50 pound 6 year old up and down each of those puppies.

We survived the roller coaster hills and headed home just in time for lunch and a nap. Wait, I didn't get a time, I suppose.

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Teamarcia said...

Looks like a fun excursion. Cute pics!


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