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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tiger Fair in the Park

Apparently Cub Scouts has seen a decline in membership over the last couple of years so the Districts are trying new things to attract more families to scouting. Our District hosted a Tiger Fair in a local park today. Shane will be a first grader next schoolyear so as of June 1st, he is *finally* eligible to become a Tiger.

He was beyond excited about this and bugged me all morning to be sure we didn't forget to go. As if...

Unfortunately I don't think they got the run out they hoped for. It was chilly and misty so folks weren't hanging out in the park like they usually are on a Saturday morning.

But they had some cool stuff. Like 

a raingutter regatta

an obstacle course 

a treasure hunt

and a penny toss [which Ella completely rocked]

It probably didn't meet the organizers objective, but it sure satisfied Shane's. And he's more convinced than ever that he needs to be a "Tiger Scout" *now*.

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