You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stomach Bug and Spring Cleaning

I'll start by saying I really don't like daylight savings time. There's no need to mess with my internal clock and throw my house into chaos for a week so we can 'gain' or 'lose' an hour.

For some reason this time DST spurred in me a desire to spring clean the kids' rooms so I spent all day Sunday emptying drawers and toy bins, dusting knick knacks, hanging shelves and generally tidying up.  By bedtime I was finished with Ella's room and mostly done wtih the boys' room.

I went to bed a tired, but happy and satisfied camper.

Then the clock struck 12 [literally], Shane sat up in bed and emptied his stomach all over it. We changed the sheets, put him in his bed and at 1 he did the same thing again.  Cleaned everything up again. Back to sleep.

3:30 the other end of his little self erupted. And again around 5.  At this point I decided he should sleep in the tub to ease my cleanup.

His little system continued to purge itself of everything from both ends all day. I don't think I've used more bleach or washed more laundry in one day in my life.
By bed time he was able to keep down 2 popsicles and he didn't throw up last night so hopefully this is a fast moving bug.

In the meantime I'm digging my way out of the laundry pile while spraying every hard surface with bleach.  It's a good thing I had already planned to make this an easy run week.

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Dan said...

as a guy - I can totally relate to being in need of pretty constant "loving nursing care" when sick... dudes often don't handle sickness in the most ... um, manly way. (maybe that's just me tho...)

kudos for helping your little man get thru a bug visit. Hope the rest of your crew avoids a similar experience!


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