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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bowling with Kids is Fun(ny)

Shane's birthday was last Friday, and all he wanted to do was go bowling. We have no idea where he got the idea for this since the last we bowled, he was about 9 mos old.

Last night we headed to Shenendoah Lanes in Charles Town, WV for their Friday night All You Can Bowl special.

According to Bill, it's a nice bowling alley. I have no idea since I've bowled maybe 5 times in my whole life. One very cool thing though is that the cashier enters everyone's names into the computer and then notes whether or not they need bumpers. The bumpers then automatically come up for those bowlers and then go down when their frame is done. Snazzy.

Bill is a good bowler and can aim the ball at specific pins. I'm lucky to just get the darn thing to pins w/o being in the gutter (where many of my balls ended up).

The funny thing is I bowled the first game with my right hand - I write with my right hand, but I bat, golf and kick with my left hand/foot. After watching ball after ball land in the gutter I jokingly said, 'Maybe I'll try it lefthanded.' And Bill laughed and said something about how I couldn't do any worse. He's a funny one, that Bill.

Yep, I bowled a 42, and my 6 y/o bowled an 82. Impressive, eh?

So I switched hands and did better, a 70-something and a 50-something. Still really bad, but better than a 42!

The kids were very cute. Hank would help Shane line up the kid's ball ramp and they'd jump up and down and cheer while the bowl slowly rolled to the pins.

We had a group of drunk and happy rednecks in the lane next to us who sang along to the music overhead and danced with each other between frames. The one woman with them kept cheering for and high fiving the kids (who were slightly afraid of her because she was so enthusiastic and quite hammered).

All in all, we had a great time and the kids can't wait to go again. Happiness!

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