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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Williamsburg, Day 1

You can peek at our last trip to Williamsburg here.

Our homeschool co-op went to Williamsburg on a field trip since we're now studying the beginnings of our country in history. My brother and his family live on the other side of the James River in Smithfield and they graciously let us crash at their house so cheapo me didn't have to spring for a hotel.

The cool thing about staying with them - other than being able to run in their gorgeous and f.l.a.t. neighborhood each morning - was that we got to take the ferry to Jamestown. Super cool.

Monday morning was frigid. The river was very choppy and the spray froze onto our windshield

 Governor's Palace

 Guns in the palace

The back porch of the palace

It snowed a little on our drive down Sunday afternoon, but was clear and in the 50's for our visit

A Great Blue Heron, standing very still and hoping we'll move along so he can fly away

Marzipan hedgehog, cute!

Colonial humor

Waiting for their liquid chocolate. Hank didn't like it. Ella and I did. Surprise!

We moseyed and meandered here and there and really enjoyed the perfect weather and the fact that it wasn't very crowded. Next up, day 2...

Field trip notes: We went during their Homeschool days when the prices are much cheaper. You run the risk of it being really crowded, and of course, February weather is unpredictable. We all agreed though, that being there in the cold is much better than the sweltering heat of summer.

If you are an educator (homeschooler or otherwise) *and* you're studying this period in history, you can get into the old Jamestown site for free - not the new fancy one, but the original site. Not a ton of stuff to see...the palisade, the well, the church and some artifacts, but cool nonetheless.

If you are an educator, you get a 15% discount in the stores (not restaurants unfortunately), but you have to ask for it. I didn't find this out until I had dropped a bundle at one store. Next time...

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