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Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting my runs in while crazy busy

You may have noticed a couple of things - 1. I've been really busy, and 2. the weather in Maryland has been pretty amazing for February.

Point 1 makes it hard to get my runs in. Point 2 makes me want very much to run outside.

And that's what I've been doing. I know I'm extremely blessed to have a flexible schedule so don't hate me because I'm beautiful I do.  Lately, we've been doing school in the morning, and while the kiddos are eating lunch/goofing off, I go for a quick run (Jake is with them so they're somewhat supervised), and then finishing school in the afternoon.

For the week of 2/13, it looked like this:
Mon: 3.5 miles of intervals
Tues: 2.5 miles
Wed: ? miles of walking around Mt Vernon and Teddy Roosevelt Island
Thurs: packing
Fri: 6 miles
Sat/Sun: camping, driving, hiking up/down mountain to the bathroom

And so far this week looks like this:
Mon: 4.5 miles at my bro's - f.l.a.t. 13 ft elevation change. So different from home!
Tues: 2.5 miles at my bro's  - both Mon & Tues were followed by miles of walking around Williamsburg
Wed: 1 mile walk w/Shane, 3 mile run, and 1.5 mile easy hike with Girl Scouts
Thur: 2 mile walk w/Shane, 2 mile run
Fri and Sat: rest
Sun: I'm doing a 5+ mile trail run w/ a local running club

I didn't do any strength training either week, and my eating has been less than stellar so I'm up about 2 pounds.

Our schedule returns to it's regular insanity come Monday - Cub Scout banquet tonight and trip to the Eastern Shore tomorrow afternoon - so I'll be hitting the road and the weights once again and wave goodbye to those pesky pounds.

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The Green Girl said...

Yeay for awesome weather and getting those runs in, girl!


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