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Monday, December 12, 2011

Maintain Don't Gain

Those who know me know that I spend a lot of time in Shepherdstown because of Shepherd U's Wellness Wednesday [the Wellness Center (indoor pool, bball court, etc) is open free to the public the last Wed of each month], my favorite shoe store, Two Rivers Treads, is there [they offer a variety of free running clinics and are generally nice folks], and it's very near the tow path where I do a lot of riding.

So you won't be surprised to learn that when I heard about Maintain Don't Gain happening at Shepherd, I was all over it.

Maintain Don't Gain is a great program designed to keep people active and healthy during the holidays. You go to a participating location to be weighed in and then receive coupons for free visits to area gyms and a weekly motiviational newsletter.

After the holidays in early January, you go back to be weighed again with the hope that you didn't gain any weight which is important since most folks don't tend to lose the weight they gain over the holidays.

I made the trip to Shepherd to be weighed in by a stick figure of a college student and groaned when I saw the number. I knew I had eaten pretty badly the week of halloween and had gained nearly 5 pounds, but somehow seeing it on an 'official' scale - with another person standing over my shoulder - made it all the more horrible. ugh!

And have struggled for 2+ weeks since then to get my butt in gear. They gave us coupons for 5 free visits to 6 different gyms ranging from Curves to Gold's so theoretically I could go to the gym nearly every day in December...except that I have 3 little kids who need an education and who have much busier social calendars than I.

I've used 2 visits so far.... a spin class at Gold's (butt kicker!) and a quick mile swim at Shepherd.  I'm happy, sort of, that I haven't gained any more weight, but I would be very happy to see the scale move back down those 4.5 notches.

How do you plan to keep the pounds at bay during the holidays?


misszippy said...

That's so great that they have a program like that. I love what's going on in that one small community. It is a hard time of year, no doubt. I actually made myself note yesterday that my eating has not been great of late...too much of everything. Gotta crack the whip this week!

Caratunk Girl said...

That is so cool that there is a program like that!!

It is SO HARD this time of year!! I try to really practice moderation - so I don't deprive myself of food I want, I just try not to the entire peanut butter pie

The Green Girl said...

That's definitely awesome that there's a program like that. What a great idea.

I'm just trying to work out more to compensate for my eating. Yeah. That's my strategy.


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