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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Activities

This year, like most other years, we have done a ton of Christmas crafts. This year was different, however, because Ella is a crafty girl, and I pretty much showed her pictures of what to do and then she did  them almost completely on her own. The boys are not very interested anymore so it was nice to spend time with my girlie.

The ornaments below are made from shells and sea glass we found on our trips to Broomes Island this summer. Envisioned and created by Ella. Pretty cool if you ask me.

The 3 white shells upper left are a disassembled snowman

A mountain of playdough

We had a lot of fun taking a bunch of it to church to give to little kiddos (after asking their parents of course)

Felt ornaments. I cut the felt but Ella did the rest. She loves her new glue gun.

Tissue covered votives. All 3 littles did these on their own and discovered that peeling dried glue off your hands is wicked cool. We ended up covering our palms completely in glue so we could peel them.

 Applesauce and cinnamon ornaments. We made these with some friends and enjoyed getting our hands all squishy and gross. One of our little friends licked her fingertip and found it didn't taste nearly as good as it smelled.

Ella's Brownie Troop marched in a local Christmas parade. The girls were elves and the grownups were reindeer. Very fun!

Hank's Cub Scout Pack had its annual Christmas party where the boys were given any awards they earned during the previous month, and....

Santa visited. Our local Santa is really good and the kids just love him. He puts a Santa hat on their heads and if it twirls when he lifts it off, they were good all year. Well, all the adults laughed when it twirled coming off Shane's head. Even he seemed a little surprised, but not as surprised as when he found a big jingle bell in his pocket planted by Santa. Magic, I tell ya

It has been an insanely busy month. Lots of fun, but busier than I prefer. Like many others, I see January 1st as a pivot point for the year so I'm really looking forward to getting into more of a disciplined (for me and the kids) schedule. For now, we're just riding the wave of fun.

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