You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What my workouts look like now

I don't have any goal races on my radar until late March. I have a few that I hope to do for fun, but I'm not looking for PRs anytime soon.

I used Hal Higdon's Novice Half plan to get me through my 2 half marathons so I'm familiar and comfortable with it. I printed that baby and taped it to the wall above my desk so I can follow it religiously no matter what my body tells me have a framework to operate within. If I'm fried and have to miss a day, I don't sweat it too much, but I wake up with a goal instead of wondering what I should do.

I'm also trying really hard to heart rate train a la the Maffetone method which means I'm doing a lot of walking in addition to running [slowly]. I say 'trying really hard' because I really want to just run and run and run. For my long runs I compromise and walk a mile, slowly run a mile and so on, working it so that I walk the last half mile as a cool down.

This past Saturday after working at an aid station for the JFK 50 I headed home to get in a run before Bill had to go to work.

You may remember Bertha's Grandmas from last year. But you probably don't...I tried to forget about them, too. These little darlings are about 3 miles from my house so we were bound to meet again...

Alternating running and walking made them so much easier. I could hardly believe it, and a 7 mile run/walk didn't kill me for the rest of the day. Bonus!

Don't I look happy? :D

So my workouts -
strength training 2x a week,
yoga if my plantar plate feels happy 1x a week and
run/walking 3-4x a week.

Though if I get an opportunity to swim or bike, I swap it for whatever is scheduled that day.

So far so good!

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