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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Swim, Bike, Fun!

The past week and a half have been really fun because I had 2 opportunities to swim and 1 nice bike ride. No photos of the swimming because I didn't think to take pictures of myself in my fashionable orange cap. 

Swimming op #1 was last week... I tagged along with a friend of mine to a local college with an indoor pool. As an alum she gets a crazy discount on membership and can bring a guest for free. Cool!

Our schedules finally meshed so I could join her. She has a stress reaction in one foot so she's water running (as fast as I can swim so either I'm really slow or she's darn fast and I'm thinking it's the latter!). As I was swimming I couldn't remember if a mile was 64 lengths or laps - so sad - so I figured I'd better do 64 laps just in case. Yes, I did my first 2 mile swim. I felt ok, tired, but not awful...until the next day when my poor, flabby arms were crying.

Swim #2 was just yesterday with my friend again. On the way there, I realized I forgot my fashionable orange cap and my goggles. Thankfully I had braided my ridiculously long and frizzy hair, but I knew I wouldn't have a good swim without goggles. Double thankfully they had some 'lost and found' goggles I could borrow. Sadly, they leaked like crazy so it was a frustrating swim. I lasted for just a mile before I decided to leisurely side stroke and chat with my friend. I did find a diamond earring on the bottom of the pool so hopefully that made someone's day. I plan to run a Turkey Trot tomorrow so I was very happy to take it a little easy.

Bike ride! Woot!  One of my dear friends is an avid cyclist so we're always trying to plan time to ride together. Sunday, the stars aligned and we were able to go for a 'grown ups only' ride on the C&O canal towpath.

We both felt great and decided 20 miles would be a nice distance to cover.

Dragon's Bend boat ramp

Coming up to Harper's Ferry

I loved being able to just chat and not worry about kids crashing or having to potty. I also loved that though it had started to rain, neither of us really minded.

About a quarter mile from the parking lot, I had a first. My front tire started to feel a little funny. Then I almost crashed trying to lean over and look at it (no one said I was bright or coordinated). Yep, I had a flat tire, like to the rim flat by the time we got to the car. Now my bike is upside down in the basement waiting for me to have time to go down there and figure out how to fix it. But I can hardly complain because I had such a great time.

I'm already looking forward to more rides together...after I fix my tire of course.

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misszippy said...

I hate flats! Well, I hate changing them. Anyhow, you go with your long swim! I really think swimming is such an awesome compliment to running. Hope you get more opportunities.


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