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Monday, November 07, 2011

Swim, Basketball, Run

Shepherd University opens its Wellness Center to the public - for free - the last Wednesday of each month. And theirs is a very nice facility - indoor pool and track, basketball courts, raquetball and so on.

Folks under 16 are limited to the pool, track and basketball courts, and that's plenty of fun for us.

On our last visit the we swam for at least 3 hours and played basketball for an hour or so. We also ran a mile on the track which the kids love because it's springy and feels good on your feet.
Our cross country coaches' oldest son did the Thriller dance with a bunch of people. I didn't even think about it, but my kids have probably never heard the whole song and haven't seen the video at all. They were just a little freaked out by the dancing zombies, but once they realized one of them was Don, they were a little less terrified.

At the end of the song one of the zombies ran towards the crowd and made Ella scream. whoops. She looked at me, "Is this supposed to be funny? Because this is *not* funny at all. These people are freaky!"

As we were getting ready to leave, Hank wanted to run another mile 'real quick'. Um, ok. So he zipped up the stairs, cranked out a quick 10 laps and we headed home.

You would think after all that they would have gotten home and gone right to bed. Nope, they were up for hours while I held the couch firmly to the floor. To be 9 again!

If you live in the area, definitely check out Wellness Wednesday at Shepherd U.

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