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Friday, September 23, 2011

Webelos Woods Campout

Last weekend was Webelos Woods, a fun camping opportunity for Webelos Cub Scouts and their parents to see what the local Boy Scout Troops are learning and doing.  The Webes all camp in an open field while the Boy Scouts camp in the woods on the mountain.

Each Troop has a 'station' where they show and/or teach the Webes a scout fire cooking, knot tying, zip line (fun!),  first aid, or crossing the creek on a monkey bridge (ropes strung across the creek). All very fun things for a 9 y/o boy.
We have 2 tents. Hank and Shane's kid tent, and our giant 8 person family tent. I can't put the big tent up by myself so I took the kid tent for Hank and I. I used an extra tarp to make a rain fly and a little lean-to area (right behind Hank in the picture) where I could store our water resistant bags of clothes and gear.

Bill completely scoffed at my idea when I first told him about it. But it totally worked and lots of hardcore-camper-looking people walked by and complimented me on my resourcefulness. I'm basking in the glory of it because I won't come up with another idea like that for a loooong time I'm sure!

Lining up for the first round of activities

3 of my 4 Webelos

We had a great time and the boys learned a lot. They're already looking forward to next year!

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