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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fila Toning Wear Review

A couple of months ago I received an email from Lauren of FILA clothing congratulating me on winning an entry to the Escape To Miami triathlon. I was a little surprised because I don't enter contests that have prizes I can't use, and heading to Miami one month into the schoolyear is definitely not an option for this mom of 3 littles! Though I worked every angle I could imagine because I really, really wanted to tri try!!

Turns out I hadn't lost my mind, it was a Facebook contest and since I was a fan of their page, I was automatically entered.  Lauren very, very graciously offered to send me clothes since I couldn't use the original prize. Score!

She sent me a pair toning resistance shorts  and the space dye toning resistance tank. The sizing on the shorts is accurate. I wear a 10/Large on their chart and that's what I ordered. The inseam is 4" which is a little short for my thunder thighs, but wearing them makes me feel hardcore.

I've worn them on three long, 20+ miles, bike rides and they do ride up a little, but they aren't bike shorts so I wasn't expecting them to act like bike shorts. They don't ride up while I'm running though. Admittedly my 'runs' are short and slow right now, but these shorts worked nicely.

The seams in the crotch are not flat so I was concerned about chafing. Very happily, I didn't chafe at all on any of my rides or runs (and I forgot my Body Glide).

there's always one in every crowd...whose kid is that???

The tank was a little tricky because I have no boobs but the rest of me is proportional. I crossed my fingers and ordered an 8/Medium. It's snug, no doubt, but it fits. It has a built in shelf bra which actually works as a bra. I've run in it without a sports bra and it worked well. I love that it has a longer cut and doesn't ride up. My stomach is nothing the world wants or needs to see.

I'm wearing a bra under it in this picture

I've also worn it to swim in. The front did drag a little exposing some cleavage so a faster swimmer might be bothered.  But overall it performed well really well for me and wearing a sports bra the next time helped keep everything in place.

Both the shorts and the tank are really comfortable to wear...not too tight and they don't bind or cut into me.

I think FILA created this line for yoga, pilates and strength training, and I've worn them for everything but...and have been quite happy with the fit and function.

So I biked, swam and ran it...yep this is what I'm wearing for my sprint tri on Sunday. 

Five more days!


misszippy said...

You look great in their clothes! They sound really functional, which is great. Good luck this weekend and rock the outfit!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I think it's great they sent you some clothes since you couldn't use the original prize. Really like the shorts, might be interested in my own pair!

cheryl said...

The best thing for a sprint tri is just a performance bathing suit. More clothes in a short race just bogs you down...just saying!


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