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Eleanor Roosevelt

Sunday, August 14, 2011

[Sort of] Race Report

*edited to add pictures that I swiped from the Brunswick Area Rec Council's FB page. Thanks, Bob!

Hopefully you all read about what a great job my pipster did at the Biathlon yesterday. Now I'll share with you my sort of race report though I guess it's more of a 'participation report' since I didn't race it.
there were just 15 participants last year. 28 this year so the event is growing!

On Thursday afternoon I got the okay from my ortho to run the bi on Saturday morning. He agreed mostly because the run was on a cross country course and not pavement, and I promised to walk if my foot or toe hurt. So the last time I ran was 14 weeks ago. That's about 3 1/2 months. Yes, I've biked and swam during that time, but I knew I was probably not going to be a blaze of greatness on the run [and I was ok with that].

My friends assured me the event is very lowkey and almost recreational. Um, sure. There were some seriously hardcore folks there and my stomach felt like a washing machine churning away. I ended up in the last heat of the morning with two other women so I had plenty of time to stand around and worry.

Which is completely silly because, honestly, my only 2 goals were to (1) finish alive and uninjured; and (2) have fun.

I stood there and watched all the grownups do their dive start for the swim. Well, shoot. I didn't practice that - but - I know how to surface dive so what the heck.

First mistake.

Well, really mistake #1.5 because I didn't first get in the water to warm up. So I do the dumb dive. My goggles slip down and instantly start leaking. And my brain and lungs get a nice cold shock which causes me to breathe in gulps and that causes me to panic which creates a nice vicious circle of gulping, stuttering breaths and more panic.

Thankfully, I realized I needed to change strokes so I could calm down. I started to side stroke which allowed me to keep my face above water so I could just breathe and calm down.

I finished the swim, pulled on my skirt (felt weird running in just my suit) and shoes and took off.

Having a great time!

The skirt was my second big mistake.

It was another thing I didn't practice beforehand. I guess it was because I was wet, but the darn thing kept slipping down, like to my knees. I almost stopped to take it off but figured I'd end up getting my feet tangled in it so I kept on hiking it up while running.

darn skirt! I need to alter it so it doesn't end up around my ankles again

The run was harder than I thought it would be. I realize having a psuedo panic attack just minutes before probably affected my run, but I hoped I would be able to at least plod along without having to stop and walk. I had to stop twice and walk which is frustrating - but - my foot *didn't* hurt!! Happy, happy.

I didn't wear my Garmin and didn't even look at my watch so I have no idea what my time for any of it was.

Oh and I won 4th in my age group....out of 4. lol! Humility is a *good* thing!

I count it a successful morning because I learned some good lessons and accomplished both of my goals. Such a great way to start the weekend!


misszippy said...

What's that old cliche? Nothing new on race day? ; )

It's all good, though, 'cause you're running! Yay!!

*~*~* Tracy said...

MZ, you are so right! I cut myself some slack since it was my first race since last Thanksgiving, but I felt like a knucklehead for forgetting something so basic.

And yes, YAY for running! Now to keep myself reigned in and not landed on the injured list again!


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