You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sometimes Just Showing Up is the Hardest Part

*edited to add pictures that I swiped from the Brunswick Area Rec Council's FB page. Thanks, Bob!

A few weeks ago in this post I talked about how Hank dug deep and worked hard to conquer his fear of the water at Cub Scout Camp. And we've continued to work on swimming with him and just generally being more comfortable in the water.

This morning was the 4th Annual Heart of the Potomac Biathlon in Brunswick. It's a very small, low key fundraiser event. But it's still a biathlon which means you have to swim and run. 

I told you it's a small event! I think were 28 people total 

Hank was on the fence about entering and decided to give it a try as we were walking out the door. His age group, 8-10, had to swim 50 yards and run a half mile. Thankfully the Race Director didn't care if folks doggie paddled or were Olympic swimmers as long as they covered the distance (pool swim, not sharing lanes, plenty of folks watching so no drowning danger).

My little guy got in the water with kids who are on swim teams, and he did his thing. He did some freestyle and breast stroke but the majority of his forward motion was the doggie paddle.

I'm so proud of him for even getting in the water. It was evident by watching the other kids warm up that they were experienced, strong swimmers, but he didn't let that stop him.

And his tenacity was rewarded. He was the only boy in his age group so because he finished the race, he won first place. 

I know some may poo poo such a victory, but I am darn proud of my monkey for getting outside his comfort zone and pushing himself to do something he wouldn't have even remotely considered just a couple of months ago.

Great Job Hank!!

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