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Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, July 25, 2011

Heritage flocks

We got to visit a 'self sustaining organic farm' in St Mary's county while we were on our Broomes Island vacation.

This couple is amazing. The husband has a bazillion food allergies so they started growing their own food so he could eat. Then they got sheep and started shearing them to spin the wool into yarn which she uses to knit everything from socks to hats and sells them internationally.

And why not grow your own heritage plants for fun and even make soap (using tallow from the sheep they butcher) while you're at it.

Then they decided to raise heritage breed turkeys so they now have 40 of the world's 80 of some sort of turkey (I don't recall the name...New Jersey Buff something or other).

He's a physicist and she's an accomplished painter. Oh and she wrote a children's book about her pet turkey to raise awareness of heritage breed animals and built her own row boat which she and her husband rowed across the Potomac from Md to Va (the river is crazy-wide at the mouth into the Chesapeake).

It was really hard for me to be in the company of such slow-minded, uncreative people for an afternoon. Ha! Honestly I was touched by her willingness to let us tag along and follow her around while she shared volumes of information with us. And the kids were so well-behaved she actually let us pet some of the turkeys and then tromp around her garden.

Very good day, indeed.

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