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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A day in the life...

Lately Beth is all about having us share things with her... like our SHT (special hidden talent) - I'm very special and have two- I can pick things up with my toes AND I can touch my nose with my upper lip. Crazy, huh?

She also asked about the day in and day out of our lives. I mean, we can't all run, bike or swim 24/7 can we? Can we??

Our days during the schoolyear are busy but pretty much the same: schoolwork, sports teams, cub scouts, lather, rinse repeat.

During the summer, however, every day is a new adventure. Very fun, but a little hectic sometimes. Take this yesterday for example:

6:35: !*#@ I overslept. Hustle to the basement for 30 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes of strength training.

7:25:  Breakfast, wake/feed/dress the kids. Finish packing the cooler for the splash park. Load the car.

8:05: Jump in shower

8:40: Jump in car [with kids]. At about mile 2, realize I don't have my phone, turn around, get phone, back on the road.

9:05: Skid into pew at VBS with Shane and look at his adorable feet

Different shoes and both are Right shoes

12:15: Pick up kids, hand out food to prevent whining, and head down the road

1:00ish: Our first errand was a stop at the credit union to make a deposit. I didn't take any pictures because they're a little skittish at our CU because it gets robbed quite often. No joke.  Bill and Ella stopped by one afternoon a couple of years ago. In and out, no biggie. The next day the County Police called and asked him if he had seen anything or anyone suspicious because *minutes* after he left (with my baby girl in tow), they got robbed. Now they often have a policeman sitting in a marked car in the parking lot. Fun times.

1:45ish Our second errand was to the Boy Scout store in Bethesda. I needed to get a Den Leader For Dummies (that's me) book and a couple of things for Hank's uniform.

Pleasantly surprised to see some Nuun on the shelf

I asked the clerk if, since they carry Nuun, they had considered partnering with other companies like Road ID since older scouts do a lot of overnight camping and even extreme hiking. He had no idea what I was talking about so I just smiled and changed the subject.

And then I walked out leaving behind the poster I had just purchased. I didn't leave any of the kids so I consider it a successful errand.

Toy Story 3 on the TV in the lobby = Hassle-free shopping for mom

2:20ish: We were supposed to meet our Families with Children from China playgroup (or China playgroup) at the splash park at 2. Thankfully they're an understanding group so it was no biggie to be 20 minutes late...especially since I was able to snag a coveted empty table as I was walking up to our group.

Love these kids!
the woman in the background is not a stalker, she's one of the moms in our group

Earlier in the day, Bill asked me if we wanted to meet him at the train station near the splash park, and I said no because we'd have to leave the splash park and rush home so he could make it to a men's Bible study that evening. I preferred to just leisurely enjoy the park and mosey home.  He was fine with that so we played until after 6.

I often forget to check my phone so I wasn't surprised to see 2 text messages, 1 voicemail and 4 missed calls from him. I called him and learned that the train he was on fatally struck a pedestrian. So obviously the train wasn't going anywhere, which means neither was he.

Very thankfully no one else was injured. He was only 6 or so miles from the park so we headed over to the next town to rescue him at IHOP. We figured we might as well eat dinner since we were there. So we did.

Yes, Bill ordered the Rootie Tootie Fresh and Fruitie just so he could say it out loud

We rolled in the door after 9. To say that I was beat is a huge understatement, but we had a great time at VBS and the splash park and I enjoyed seeing my friends and spending time with my monkeys.

So what did you do today?

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April said...

I need a nap after reading that, I can't imagine how you felt! Busy lady!
I also have monkey toes and can pick up anything, which comes in handy when you have a baby on one hip and a basket of laundry on the other.;)


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