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Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, June 27, 2011

Preliminary MRI Results and other randomness

I started the day with an MRI of my know the one I hurt 52 days ago. The tech suggested that I not do any running until I see the dr on Wednesday.

Apparently there's "a little something going on in there."

I'm relieved that the pain isn't imaginary...and unhappy that there's still 'something going on in there' 3+ weeks after it should have healed.

Hopefully Wednesday will bring some answers.

I've still been swimming with no pain and biking with minimal pain. A friend and I did 33.5 miles Saturday which is the farthest I've gone on a bike. We took it pretty slowly as my friend is still building confidence on her bike.  I felt really good during and immediately after the ride. My foot ached a bit afterwards though.

VBS started last night so Bill and I had 2.5 kid-free hours. Woot! I dragged him out on his bike for 14 miles. He's still building butt callouses so I didn't press him to go farther.

This week will be a little hectic with VBS, Shane's follow up for his back and my appt so I probably won't make it to the lake to swim.

The neighboring town has a small pool, 25 yds, with 'adult swim' the last 15 minutes of each hour so I may go there. Though I've been told by a friend who has a membership that there is no lap lane, and there are folks who will get in and just stand in the water not moving for lap swimmers. I may need to save that adventure for a day when I'm feeling very patient and forebearing. haha!

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