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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Open House at the Earth and Space Science Lab

The Earth and Space Science Lab in Frederick had its bi-annual open house this past Monday. Only Ella and Hank wanted to go so we loaded up and headed out.

They have all sorts of  neat stuff there from  live insects to snakes and a planetarium. One stop shopping for cool fun!

People were walking around holding snakes. [shiver]  I don't like snakes at all and usually scream  when I see them. My kids are very happy that I didn't embarrass them by screaming but I did back into a woman and almost knock her down while backing away from one of the snake ladies. whoops!

Both kids actually touched the snake

Checking out the microscopes

The weight of the world on their shoulders!

They have an arbor walk with all sorts of tree labeled with plaques explaining interesting tid bits about them.  On Monday they had a scavenger hunt. Ella is quite the eagle eye and spotted a number of the trees we were looking for. And they BOTH wrote their own answers with minimal complaint. I may turn all their schoolwork into a scavenger hunt and see if works for me. :D

Tree detectives

They were giving out free tickets to the planetarium show and we chose possibly the worst seats in the house. The big projector thingy was right in front of us and most of the space cartoon was right in front of the projector. The kids were on either side of me so they could lean over and see.  It was just as well that I could see it clearly because I got motion sickness from what I could see!  ugh!

Just before the show began

We had a great time and can't wait to go back again!

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