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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Morning run with Hank

Yesterday morning me and my favorite 8 year old hit the pavement for a run.  We ran the first mile together and then I parked him at the top of the hill while I ran the second mile out and back (he could see me the whole time and there are two friendly houses right there where he could go in an emergency). Then we ran a mile home.

It was really chilly out but I enjoy having him along with me. He told me he's training for the 1K kids' race at our local Turkey Trot. So cute!

At the 1 mile mark

Beautiful view

I left the camera with him and told him he could take some pictures if he wanted.

Joe Cool

One of the cows next to the sign for the dairy

One goofy kid

He's such a loveable little goofball.  In the end, we ran 3.01 miles in 32:26. Not bad at all!

This morning was the bag drop off for Scouting for Food - we leave an empty grocery bag at each house on our route today for folks to make a canned/dry good donation to the local foodbank, and next Saturday we pick them up.

So anyway, everyone was given 2 routes and a stack of bags. Hank and I had the dubious honor of covering an apartment building and a townhouse neighborhood....and all the townhouses had front steps of at least 4 steps but most were more. Nice glutes workout up and down all those stairs!

We ran out of bags before we finished our routes and met up with the coordinator only to find everyone else had run out of bags, too, so we were dismissed a little early.

Hank and I already planned for him to ride his bike while I ran on the tow path after Scouting for Food so off we went!

All those stairs combined with the cold temps did my skinny little guy in and we completed only 6 miles (I was hoping for 9). I can't complain at all because he really worked like crazy delivering all those bags.

Our time for our run this morning was 1:03:20 with some sporadic splits. He would speed up and slow down so I was catching up and often trying to keep up with him. It was a pretty good workout! 

I'm sad I didn't have the camera with me because it's always so pretty on the tow path this time of year. I'm sure we'll have other opportunities though. Another great morning with my guy.  

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Caratunk Girl said...

Awesome!! Way to go Hank!! Those pictures are so cute!


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