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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Hot Dogs, Baseball, and Apple Pie

I am waaay behind in blogging! We've been so busy lately AND my sad little computer can't handle anymore pictures on it so I have to download them onto Bill's.....and then wait my turn to get online. Small set back and I'll survive I'm sure!

Last Thursday night we joined our good friends Mr and Mrs P to catch one of the last regular season games of the Frederick Keys. And we ran into more friends which is ALWAYS a nice surprise!


Ella usually hangs out with Mrs P, but Jake and Mrs P had a lot of school stuff to talk about (she works at FCC where he's taking classes) so girlie was very happy to have another friend at the game to talk to.

The stadium wasn't very crowded so the mascot, Keyote (better known as Baseball Dog in our house), actually hung out with the kids for a bit which they thought was the greatest thing ever.

The camera even had them all on the big screen at one point. Now that's exciting!!

Daddy splurged and got the kids an ice cream cone. Shane can't handle much ice cream in a sitting (his stomach doesn't cooperate) so his cone melted all over the place. yum

We didn't stay until the end because it was a slow moving game and we had a big weekend to get ready for. Turns out the Keys won in extra innings. Go Keys!!

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