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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Biker Gang

I think the kids and I are going to make up a biker gang name and maybe even get matching shirts. They have really enjoyed our bike rides, and when I pull the trailer with Shane and our extra rations, I feel like I'm getting a decent workout in the process.

Hank is riding a little 1 speed big-box-store bike, but he cruises right along. Nothing terribly speedy but he's covering a respectable distance.

Yesterday,  we headed to Sheperdstown and Sharpsburg to scope out the course for my half marathon in October. After I bored the boys with my groaning and carrying on about the number of hills I was going to have to run, I thought it would be nice to go on a bike ride on the tow path.

We rode 7.89 miles on Thursday, but that was with Shane riding his bike, too so it was very slow because he would ride for a bit and then want to ride in the trailer. That meant we had to stop,  put him in the trailer and then strap his bike into the back of the trailer. We looked like the Clampetts and drew lots of stares from other bikers and runners. Then two minutes later he'd want out again. I'd say no; he'd start screaming, and after a few miles I'd let him out again. Fun times.

Yesterday we didn't take his bike so he was in the trailer for the whole ride, and actually pretty happily so.

We did let him get out and stretch a couple of times which helps his attitude more than his legs


This is part way up the ramp that  takes you from the tow path to the bridge. Shane was snoozing in the trailer until about 2 seconds after I took this picture.

This is at the top at the scenic overlook.

The boys did such a great job not complaining or arguing (too much) that I promised to take them to get ice cream. We found a cute little ice cream shop in Sharpsburg and treated ourselves to a scoop of yumminess.

Another fun bike ride with my monkeys!
And double happiness...Ella comes home from Aunt Cindy's today! We've missed our little squirrely girlie and can't wait to see her!

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