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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday Run with the Track Club

Last night's run with Hank's track club was another fun run.  We meet at a local elementary school and run into town and back.  The fast group usually runs 3-4 miles and the rest of us just run 2.

Last night was different because another family joined us with their two girls who are in maybe 6th and 7th grades?? Both girls are on the track team and are really good runners.

And for some really dumb reason I thought a handful of peanuts would be a good snack before running. My stomach prefers things like plain rice cakes or, even better, nothing at all before I run. So I found myself running a hilly course, in the open sun, on a nice freshly paved road with a stomach that felt like it was gonna blow at any minute. I warned CW that if she heard any terrible sounds to just look the other way.

I'm happy to report that I hung in there and didn't puke.

The dad of the family that joined us turned around with one of his daughters at the .8 mile mark and I passed them about 50 yards from the finish.  He pretended to be upset and said he had to pass me back because even though I ran farther, he didn't want to be beat by a girl.

I totally laughed at him and told him he had to do whatever worked for him.  I had some gas in the tank and might have been able to outsprint him, but the finish is in a parking lot and with my luck I would have tripped on the curb and crashed so I let him go. Next time though I might not be so merciful! It's not often that I'm the passer instead of the passee. :)

Jake decided to run with the fast group. He's not particularly fast (by their standard) and he doesn't run much more than 2 miles on a regular basis.

After we finished, the 2 mile group stood around for a while until they all  needed to leave. I stood around some more and saw 2 guys in the distance and one of them was not Jake.  When they got to the parking lot, I asked them if they rolled his dead body under a bush somewhere.  They said they weren't sure where they lost him but that he had made back onto the main road so I hopped in the truck and found him about a half mile from the finish.

Hopefully next time he'll listen to his mommy and build his miles gradually, but I'm not holding my breath!

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