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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Elmo came to town

Our library is in a temporary location while the brand spanking new building is under contruction. The temporary location has about as much extra room as a two door hatchback transporting the Partridge family so the savvy folks at Brunswick Crossing are allowing the library to use one of their model homes for special programs like book club meetings and the appearance of fuzzy monsters like Elmo.

It was a nice day out so the librarians decided to have us all meet Elmo at the community park across from the model homes.

Gorgeous view, oh, and a cute kid, too

Ella and Hank were at Summer Celebration so this was a special time for just Shane

Big brothers sitting peacefully on rocks while reading are fair game for tackling

Shane brought his favorite Elmo book (This is inside the model home before we headed to the park)

There's something mischievous about that face

Showing Elmo his book

After we saw Elmo we decided to tour the model homes. They were all beautifully decorated right down to pretend but very realistic looking food. Shane was totally fascinated by all the food sitting around and kept touching it to be sure it was fake.
Of course one of the real estate agents walked in just as I took this picture. Dork alert! I prefer to think of it as capturing a memory for my son.

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