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Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Celebration

Our old church in Gaitherburg has a day camp each summer called Summer Celebration for kids ages 6-10. To say it's the highlight of the kids' summer is an understatement. This year was Hank's third summer to attend and Ella's first year. For the last two weeks, Hank has been telling Ella all the cool stuff she was going to do, sing songs, play games and jump around like maniacs... the kind of stuff we enjoy here.

The morning of day 1
Well rested and excited beyond words

This morning Ella told me that yesterday they played a game called "Steal the Bacon."

"And you know what, Mommy? It's not really bacon that we're trying to steal because the kids would all be like 'yum yum' (insert Homer Simpson voice)."

I tried really hard not to laugh and acted shocked that they would call the game that name if there was no bacon.

In a sad and disappointed voice, "Yea, I thought there would be bacon, too, but it was just a bean bag."

The morning of Day 5
Exhausted and excited beyond words

We're already counting down the days until next year!

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