You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Is it too soon?

My big race is next Sunday. 8 days away.  Is it too soon for me to have prerace jitters?

I've started a packing list in my head.
*change of clothes/shoes
*bug spray (It's on a river tow path and bugs love me)
*fuel belt and fuel
*body glide

What am I forgetting? Something really important, I'm sure. I will probably run with my iPod. I want to take a camera on my run, but that starts feeling like too much stuff. Being a mom I'm used to carrying tons of stuff around, but that's not necessarily the best race strategy.

My left calf is still giving my problems. It's really tight and hurts so I plan to stick to the treadmill this week. My race is billed as flat and fast so I don't think I'll lose anything by staying off the hills this week.

This past week was not one of my best, and I cut my run short this morning because I didn't want to push my calf over the edge. So during my run, I started doubting that I'm ready for this.  If I can barely run 6 miles, how can I run 13.1?

Looking at my training, I'm ready for this, but my head is casting shadows of doubt.

I can't torture myself all week. How do you mentally prepare the week of your race?

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Anonymous said...

You CAN do it!!!!!


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