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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Lynsey's Run

Syl at Live, Smile, Run encouraged a group of us to cheer on Lynsey who ran her first 5K today - and she killed it! We supported her by running our own 5K today. 

I was scheduled for 8 miles today so I ran the first 3 miles for Lynsey.  It was a gorgeous morning; we started off by saying bye to Uncle Todd who came for a short visit.  Around 9:30 we loaded the car with the bikes and trailer and headed off to the tow path.

The plan was for Jake and the kids to ride 2 miles out and then take their time on the way back since they had my water. I may need to just run with my own water in the future.

Here I am at the start in my groovy new running skirt. The weird bulge on the side is my sport beans. I love my skirt and I love pockets!!

I started a little faster than I wanted to for a training run. I should run about a 10:30-11 minute mile, and I finished the first in 9:30 so I slowed it down a bit. I felt really good other and enjoyed the quietness and the breeze. I stopped and walked at the 4 mile turnaround to eat some sportbeans- my nose was very stuffy from all the pollen so I had to breathe through my mouth. I haven't mastered mouth breathing while eating and running.

The sun started breaking through and I was getting hot. A drink of water would have been wonderful but my support crew was hanging out at the parking lot. I went through a dead spot for my phone and didn't get a cell signal until I was about a quarter mile from the finish. Phone call made and my cheerleaders were jumping up and down cheering for me near the finish line, with water. The best motivation!

I finished 8 miles in 1:23 or a 10:23 pace. A little faster than I should have run, but I'm pleased nonetheless.

Be sure to read Lynsey's race report, too! She did a great job today!  Thank you Syl for organizing all of us to encourage a fellow runner!

Ella, Hank and I at the finish. Ella's funny face is because she didn't want to get too close to me because I was sweaty.

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