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Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, May 14, 2010

Running with Hank

I had just two miles on the schedule so I tried something a little different for my run this morning. I put Ella and Shane in the double jogger and had Hank and Jake run with me.

Running with a 7 y/o? Crazy!  Especially since the course I run near the house is very hilly with one great big hill that I call Big Bertha. Well, I'm really thrilled to report that Hank did a great job and didn't whine or complain at all!

We started out with me pushing the stroller, and I lasted maybe a quarter of a mile before my arms were screaming. So I wimped out and passed it on to Jake.  After Hank and I finished, we walked  back to Jake and the kids, and I ran with the stroller for the last quarter mile. I need to work on my upper body strength!

Me and the little ones

I told Jake that I was going to just run my pace and asked if he could stay with Hank. Well, Hank went just a tad slower than I would have so I slowed down, and he and ran the whole way together. He was so cute saying things like, "nothin's gonna stop us!" and "we're gonna keep on goin'!" He also said very sweet things about how nice it was that just he and I were running and how much he liked running with me. (Note to self: take my favorite 7 y/o more places with just he and I.)

We ran up the hill and then walked for about two minutes before starting again, and that was the only time we walked. I was very impressed with his tenacity.

The boys after I wimped out

We enjoyed some fun conversation along the way.
Hank- I like to count when I run.
Me - Really? What do you count? (I'm thinking fence posts, birds, etc)
Hank - awkward pause.... Um, numbers?

Then he asked me if numbers went to 'amphibian.'
Me- Do you mean 'infinity?'
Hank - Yes, amphibian.

And then my favorite:
When we get back, we're going to need to eat and eat and eat and eat. Especially me with these skinny legs

We ran two miles in 22:34 which is approximately an 11:16 pace. Not bad at all for a little guy running up big hills.
Hank and I at the finish!
Way to go Hank!!

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Laurie said...

Hi Tracy. Cute post. Great job Hank! My 6 year old and I went running together with the double jogger the other day too... I love the things kids say, they are so great! Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway!


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