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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day at the ballpark

Yesterday we joined our good friends Mr and Mrs P for a Frederick Keys game.  They had a tough season last year but they seem to be doing all right so far this year. It's much more fun to watch baseball when your team is winning - or at least scoring.

They have a kids club that is free to join which is really nice. Here are the kids sporting premiums from previous years (hats, bags).  This year it's t-shirts.

Shane refused to open his eyes...until I put the camera down. Such a stinker. Hank is doing his best baseball pose

Ella and Hank played catch in the grassy seating area. The 'bad guys' (guys on the other team) even played catch with them a little...making them not so bad afterall.

A very fun thing they do is let the kids run the bases after the game and high five Keyote (aka Baseball Dog) at home plate. Here's Hank taking off.

Ella coming into home

Shane isn't afraid of Baseball Dog anymore. Nice change from last year when he shrieked whenever Keyote went by.

Cute kids

After that we headed to Costco (I know...what were we thinking!) and then home. Bill had a hankering for philly cheesesteaks and since he was cooking, I wasn't arguing. ;) Just another busy, fun day to enjoy my monkeys.

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