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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The last track meet this season

You may remember Hank's first track meet last month. Well today was his last one for the season and what a great season it was. We met some wonderful families and the kids made new friends. Ella got over her aversion to sweat and started running. Hank realized that he's really quick in the short sprints- like 40 yds - but he has some excellent staying power and strength for the longer distances.

Here's Shane kicking back and relaxing

Hank on the 3rd lap of the 1500 (100 meters shy of a mile)

He came in 3rd!

Ella lined up for the 100 - note how huge the other girls are compared to her!

I have to hand it to my squirrely girly. She got out there each time knowing that short of everyone falling over there was no way she was going to win or even place. But she ran her little heart out every time, and she didn't give up.

I'm very proud of my two little monkeys. Way to go Ella and Hank!!

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