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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TOS Review Time 4 Learning

Courtesy of the TOS Crew we received a 30 day membership to Time 4 Learning an online Pre-K - 8 curriculum with over 1,000 lessons available.

We were asked to review the newly released preschool level, and I had grand visions of Shane sitting quietly at the computer for hours independently learning to read and count. You can stop laughing now. :)

So my very kinesthetic, very active boy wasn't particularly interested in sitting at the computer for long periods of time - though - he was very proud to have his own curriculum, calling it his 'computer school.'  Ella sat with him and helped him navigate his way through the lessons.  She was able to do this almost completely on her own with little help from me or Jake.

The lessons are colorful and engaging, and they include videos, songs, puzzles and games covering 40 topics like numbers, space and on the farm. Shane and Ella particularly enjoyed the songs which included childhood favorites like Old MacDonald and The Wheels on the Bus.

A beta version of reports of your child's progress are available and they include a list of the activities, the number of activities started and completed, and the date your child last attempted the activities. Future options will include educational objectives, more detailed activity descriptions and the option to print the reports.

Be sure to check out the Getting Started Guide to answer questions you may have about how to use the program.

You can purchase Time 4 Learning for $19.95 per month for the first child and $14.95 for each additional additional child, and there's a 14 day 100% money back guarantee for new accounts. Time 4 Learning is compatible with both PC and Macs.

Be sure to read reviews written by other TOS Crew members.

*I received this product for free so that I could offer my opinion of it. No other compensation was received.

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